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Mobile Phone Prices In India For Vivo Mobiles

Personal Finance Tips & Advice 25-11-2022 | 5 mins read

Vivo mobile phones are quite popular in the Indian market. Vivo has some or the other product in every price range and they offer the best specifications under the price tag. Vivo provides the finest mobile phones with excellent specs and features. In India, the Vivo Y and V Series are high-tech mobile phones with excellent cameras and music capabilities. Here users can find the prices of different Vivo mobile phones and their specifications.

  1. Vivo V19: Price Rs. 25,500

The 6.44-inch AMOLED screen delivers excellent visuals with full-HD+ quality. The screen is luminous enough outside and also has superb viewing angles. The Vivo V19 also comes with an on-screen fingerprint scanner, which unlocks the handset quickly. The device runs on the subpar Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 SoC. The phone has 8GB of RAM, which aids in its ability to tackle daily duties.

1Display6.44-inch (1080×2400)
2ProcessorSnapdragon 712
5Battery4500 mAh
6Camera48MP/8MP/2MP/2MP(Quad Back) &32MP/ 8MP(Front)
7ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, USB OTG, USB Type-C, Micro-USB, and 4G
8OSAndroid Twelve
  1. Vivo V25 : Price Rs. 29,999 / Rs. 31,999

The Vivo V25 phone was released in September 2022. The handset has incorporated a 6.44-inch touchscreen display with a frame rate of 90 Hz and 1080×2404 pixels (FHD+). The Vivo V25 runs Android Twelve on a non-detachable battery of 4,500 mAh. The Vivo V25 is compatible with specialized fast charging.

1Display6.44-inch (1080×2404) FHD
2ProcessorMedia Tek Dimensity 900
5Battery4500 mAh
6Camera64MP/8MP/2MP(Triple Back) & 50MP(Front)
7ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth v5.20, USB Type C, 3G, 4G, and 5G
8OSAndroid Twelve
  1. Vivo X80: Price Rs. 54,999

The Vivo X80 smartphone was released in April 2022. The device has a 6.78-inch touchscreen display with a 120 Hz framerate and 1080×2400 pixels (FHD+) and an anamorphic widescreen of 20:9. The octa-core Media Tek Dimensity 9000 processor powers the Vivo X80. It has 8GB and 12GB RAM variants. The Vivo X80 runs on a 4500 mAh battery and runs Android Twelve. The Vivo X80 is suitable with patented technology for fast charging.

1Display6.78-inch (1080×2400) FHD
2ProcessorMedia Tek Dimensity 9000
5Battery4500 mAh
6Camera50MP/12MP/12MP(Triple Back) & 32 MP(Front)
7ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Infrared, USB Type C, 3G, 4G
8OSAndroid Twelve
  1. Vivo V23 5G: Price Rs. 29,990/ Rs. 34,990

Vivo unveiled the V23 5G smartphone in January 2022. The phone has a 6.44-inch touch interface with 1080×2400 pixels. There are 8GB and 12GB of RAM variants. A non-detachable 4200 mAh battery powers the Vivo V23 5G, which uses Android Twelve as its operating system. The Vivo V23 5G offers exclusive turbocharging. The Vivo V23 5G is 157.20 x 72.42 x 7.39mm (length x width x depth) & contains 179.00 grams of weight.

1Display6.44-inch (1080×2400)
2ProcessorMedia Tek Dimensity 920
5Battery4200 mAh
6Camera64MP/8MP/2MP (Triple Back) & 50MP/ 8MP Front
7ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB OTG, USB Type C, 3G, 4G
8OSAndroid Twelve
  1. Vivo X70 Pro: Price Rs. 46,990/ Rs 52,990

The Vivo X70 Pro smartphone was introduced in September 2021. The phone has a 6.56-inch touchscreen panel with a 120 Hz framerate, a pixel density of 1080×2376 pixels, and a 19.8:9 area ratio. An octa-core Media Tek Dimensity 1200 processor powers the Vivo X70 Pro. It has 8GB and 12GB of RAM. A 4450 mAh battery powers the Android 11 operating system of the Vivo X70 Pro. The Vivo X70 Pro is compatible with specialized rapid charging.

1Display6.56-inch (1080×2376)
2ProcessorMedia Tek Dimensity 1200
5Battery4450 mAh
6Camera50MP/12MP/12MP/ 8MP (Quad Back) &32MP Front
7ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB Type C, 3G, 4G
8OSAndroid 11
  1. Vivo X60: Price Rs. 34,990

The Vivo X60 smartphone was introduced in March 2021. The device has a 6.56-inch touchscreen interface with a display size of 19.8:9 and a magnification of 1080×2376 pixels and a pixel density of 398 PPI(pixel per inch). For safety, the screen is covered with Gorilla Glass. An octa-core Snapdragon 870 CPU powers the Vivo X60. It has 8GB and 12GB RAM variants. The Vivo X60 has a 4300mAh battery & has Android 11. The Vivo X60 is compatible with in-house rapid charging.

1Display6.56-inch (1080×2376)
2ProcessorSnapdragon 870
4Storage128GB, 256GB
5Battery4300 mAh
6Camera48MP/13MP/13MP (Triple Back) & 32MP Front
7ConnectivityWi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth v5.10, USB Type C, 3G, 4G
8OSAndroid 11
  1. Vivo V17 Pro: Price Rs. 27,990

Featuring 2 pop-up selfie cameras and 4 additional ones on the rear end, the Vivo V17 Pro is a standout product. Though it was made entirely of polycarbonate, it is nicely constructed and presents as expensive. Although a tad thick and bulky, it is nevertheless easily manipulated. Brightness, colour richness, and viewing angles are strong points of the 6.44-inch full-HD+ AMOLED display. Additionally, Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is available for better security.

1Display6.44-inch (1080×2400)
2ProcessorSnapdragon 675
5Battery4100 mAh
6Camera48MP/8MP/13MP/2MP (Quad Rear) & 32MP/8MP(Dual Front)
7OSAndroid 9 Pie
  1. Vivo Y17: Price Rs 19,500

The Vivo Y17 does have an eye-catching design that stands out. This device has an enormous 5000 mAh battery, which must easily last you a day and a half of continuous use. The Media Tek Helio P35 chipset is significant for a smartphone at this cost. The Vivo Y17 has outperformed many phones that have the same price bracket.

1Display6.35-inch (720×1544)
2ProcessorMedia Tek Helio P35
6Camera13MP/8MP/2MP(Tri Front) & 20MP Rear
7OSAndroid Pie

Final Takeaway

The trendiest Vivo smartphones are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Determine your user behaviour before making the optimal smartphone choice. Subsequently, determine whether the phone’s features are compatible with your needs.

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