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Things To Consider Before Transferring Your Home Loan

Housing Finance Tips & Advice 03-10-2022 | 5 min read

With the increasing amount of inflation, the daily expenditure and other expenses have been soaring high up. Especially when it comes to buying a house, it has been increasingly expensive to go through the whole process. With respect to some home loans, the interest rates and other charges have been increasing. Due to this, it is reasonable for the overall financial burden to increase over a period of time. This can lead to increased stress and financial distress. It can also be possible for these high amounts of EMIs to hamper your monthly budget. If that’s the case, many individuals consider transferring their home loans. This option of refinancing will absolutely open doors for offering improved interest rates and benefits.

Benefits of Home Loan Balance Transfer

There are many ways in which a home loan balance transfer can be beneficial. Let us have a look at the different benefits.

1. Save on Interest:

One of the key benefits of a home loan balance transfer is that it helps save on interest. Once you have availed a home loan, in case the lending rates in the overall landscape have dropped but your lender is still holding a high interest rate, then it would help save money on interest rates while transferring your home loan.

2. Get Additional Funds:

You can also have the option to receive additional funds in case your funding needs may have increased. For instance, you may require additional funds for home renovation or home extension. In such a scenario, home loan balance transfer can help you get additional funds.

3. Reduce Home Loan EMI Amount:

In case there is any change in your financial requirements or your financial position, transferring your home loan may be beneficial.

What to Consider Before Transferring Your Home Loan

While a home loan balance transfer can be attractive and has several benefits, it is key to consider a few aspects before going ahead with the balance transfer process. Here is a list of the most important factors to be considered.

1. Credibility of the New Lender:

To begin with, it is very crucial to consider the credibility of the new lender. By gauging their credibility, you can be aware of the potential benefits and risks that come along with going ahead with the home loan balance transfer. Understanding and verifying the credibility of the new lender is very important as it makes sure that the rest of your home loan balance transfer process is seamless.

2. Home Loan Balance Transfer Charges:

The cost of a home loan balance transfer can vary depending on the new lender that you decide to complete the transfer with. The different aspects of the transfer charges include the interest rate, processing fee, and the EMI that has to be paid. The different rates offered can depend on the nature of the bank and the competitive landscape. It is also dependent on the range of financial products that they offer and the types of benefits offered along with each of these products.

3. Documentation Requirement:

Another aspect to consider while going ahead with a loan balance transfer is the documentation that will be required to complete the process. The home loan balance transfer documents may vary depending on the bank and may also vary depending on the details of your home loan including the loan amount, collateral, and other aspects.

How to Balance Transfer Home Loans?

Each bank may have a different process when it comes to the process of balance transfer of home loans. However, certain aspects remain universal for all these banks. Typically, you would have to visit the bank either physically or online and check all the terms and conditions involved. Next, it is key to understand the charges incurred and the documentation required. Then, you would have to submit an application form with your current loan details and pay the necessary fee. Finally, you would have to submit the required documentation and then wait for the approval.

In a Nutshell

Balance transfer of home loans can be beneficial in certain aspects. It is key to check for the required documentation, credibility of the new lender, and the interest rate along with other aspects before shifting to the new lender.

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